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the story behind the brand Robin Silber-McGee had worked in the makeup industry for over a decade when she, along with a team of industry experts, developed a mineral makeup line.

They believed there was a solution for beauty that offered skin care benefits along with the fun of fashion styles. Using the outstanding benefits of minerals on the skin and mixing it with current fashionable color, they created glominerals, a cosmetic beauty collection offering the solution to the demands for perfect makeup.

Robin and her team developed an exclusive formulation by selecting the best quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients including antioxidants, vitamins C, A, K, E and green tea extracts to prevent free-radical damage and improve the health and condition of the skin. Our minerals-based makeup provides excellent coverage for all skin conditions, antioxidant benefits along with UV protection. Additionally, our team continues to cultivate innovative products for the glominerals makeup line, pioneering new ways to bring mineral based makeup options to customers.

glominerals is applied with little effort and conceals flawlessly - letting customers feel confident about their appearance. Whatever your personal makeup style is, glominerals offers the look that is right for you.

Xtreme Lashes®

Xtreme Lashes® is a revolutionary new product that provides longer, thicker, luscious and natural looking eyelashes. Xtreme Lashes® are not your traditional fake eyelash strips—they are semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions. Xtreme Lashes® are applied directly to individual eyelashes for a NATURAL look and feel.

Xtreme Lashes® - Extend Your Beauty®

Imagine long, luscious and beautiful eyelashes without the hassle of applying and removing mascara. Xtreme Lashes® are available in various lengths and colors. Once applied, Xtreme Lashes® Extends Your Beauty® everyday, all day and all night indefinitely, with touch-ups required every two to four weeks.

Natural Look and Feel

Xtreme Lashes®, when applied correctly, look and feel as if they are your own eyelashes. Each synthetic eyelash extension is shaped and polished to replicate the natural eyelash. The base of the eyelash is thicker than the tip and the lash is curled using the latest J-Curl and C-Curl technology eliminating the need for an eyelash curler. Furthermore, Xtreme Lashes® are extremely light weight and feel as if they are your own eyelashes.

Xtreme Lashes® Life Cycle

Xtreme Lashes® are semi-permanent. With proper application and simple, common sense care, Xtreme Lashes® will last indefinitely, with touch-ups required every two to four weeks. The life cycle of most individual’s natural eyelashes varies between 60 to 90 days. During this period, eyelashes naturally shed in intervals and are replaced by new eyelashes. We recommend touch ups every two to four weeks to replace the extensions that have been naturally shed with the shedding of the natural eyelashes. Touch ups are needed every two to four weeks to fill in the gaps and maintain the beautiful natural look. Touch ups are quick and inexpensive. Many Xtreme Lashes® professionals offer a package which will include touch ups at a competitive rate.


The Kinerase and Kinerase Pro+Therapy Collections were developed by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, a company with 20+ years of experience in dermatology. Read on to learn about kinetin and zeatin, which are proprietary technologies, the combination of which is not found anywhere else in the world.

I only trust my skin to Kinerase.  It's an amazing product and it simply works.  Courtney Cox


Transforming the Science of Skin Care

Building upon a history of innovations since 1986, Procyte provides physician dispensed cosmeceuticals, including those based on its clinically proven GHK and AHK Copper Peptide Complex® technologies and GHK Manganese Peptide Complex™ technology, which continue to transform the science of skin care with unique, advanced formulations.

Procyte's wide range of science-driven products offer effective solutions for skin and hair health, as well as management of conditions relating to:

skin rejuvenation
advanced sun protection

Procyte products allow the clinician to dispense clinically-based skin care for all skin types. Patients are provided with a complete skin care regimen, encouraging compliance through simplicity, effectiveness, and elegant, cosmetically pleasant formulations. Procyte products are also intended to prepare skin for cosmetic or laser surgery and provide on-going treatment after the procedure.
Innovative, Advanced Cosmeceuticals, Procyte continues to explore new applications for copper peptide and manganese peptide complexes, bringing innovative, advanced cosmeceuticals to both patients and physicians.

A new physician-formulated eyelash conditioner, by Procyte, that improves the appearance of natural lash length, fullness, and thickness.

The latest technology in eyelash improvement is here. Studies suggest that new, physician formulated Advanced Essential Lash™ promotes the appearance of longer, fuller, thicker eyelashes in as little as one week.

One month of conditioner confirmed that Advanced Essential Lash™ went to the greatest lengths for the appearance of eyelash improvement.

  • Conditions eyelashes and promotes the appearance of fuller lashes when applied nightly
  • Lashes appear longer and thicker in as little as one week
  • Supported by scientific studies
  • Gentle advanced formulation

Did you know Advanced Essential Lash™ is:

  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Safe for sensitive eyes
  • Safe for contact lens wearers
  • Paraben Free

La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay treatments are formulated according to two fundamental principles: high standards and dermatological safety.

The La Roche-Posay Formulation Charter: Focus on Safety.
The formulation procedure is an essential and deciding factor in the safety of a product before its development, and follows a protocol that conforms to the Formulation Charter established by La Roche-Posay Pharmaceutical Laboratory. During this stage, recognized intolerance factors are eliminated and active ingredients are selected for their effectiveness.

The La Roche-Posay Formulation Charter

* Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic skincare * Highly concentrated dermatological ingredients * With soothing anti-oxidant thermal spring water * No fragrances or ingredients that potentially cause irritation * Ingredients limited to the strictly necessary * All products tested on the most sensitive skins * Tightly packaged under sterile conditions

Dermatological Concentration of Selective Ingredients
La Roche-Posay products contain thermal spring water combined with a minimum, but optimum, concentration of selective ingredients. The formulas are developed such that their concentration of ingredients is very gentle on the skin, while remaining totally effective.

Test-proven Effectiveness
The tests developed by La Roche-Posay Pharmaceutical Laboratory are among the cosmetics industry's most demanding in order to ensure optimum safety. The tests rely on a minimum base of 300 people.

Each product must demonstrate its effectiveness according to strict criteria; namely, a visible result, confirmed by a dermatologist, and effectiveness that is scientifically measured against a placebo or a reference product.

DermaSweep in Elle Magazine

“Enter DermaSweep MD, an amped up version of microdermabrasion that packs a one-two punch: exfoliation and pigment treatment.”

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